Last Secret for Toyata chip

there are 2kinds of chip for all toyata/Lexus. one is A ,another is B

A is for all Flat blade Key .
B is For all Laser blade Key .
forget it is toyata eigher Lexus.
A is totally different with B chip. so you can't exchange them.
you can see the difference from the 1st Page password.

there are 5pcs password  for A chip. 32,52,92,72,B2
there are 5pcc password  for B chip . 30,50,90,70,B0

for the origional owner they use 3*,5*,9* . 3*,5* are the master key. 9* is the valet key.  in the case he lose one key. the Toyata dealer will leave him the 7*(valet), or B*(master Key)

the important thing for Toyata system is :  it accept 5pcs different code inside. if there are 2pcs 3*,5*,9* ,it doesn't accept. that is why the same chip doesn't work on the same car. (that is not 100% correct,We found that it also accepte the same code in one car)

with our experinece B* is the best for Locksmith. it is master key .and good for programming.