Peugeot307/Citroen C4 flip Key

1.there are 2kind of Peugeot307/Citroen  flip key on market.  one is 0523(before 2005), one is 0536(after 2005)  . when the flip key rolled, you can get the Number 0523/0536  the side of the flip key blade .  on the plastic print 0523 or 0536. if you have the Peugeot/Citroen tool (PPS2000) ,you can update the 0523system to 0536 system. that means the 0536 key works well on 0523 car.

2. after 2005 all the Peugeot/Citroen all use 0536 flip key(2button and 3button) ,all 0536 key all works well on both Citroren and Peugeot Car.


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