the Secret of Toyata Remote set

there are a lot of toyata model on all over the wordl. and Toyata system use the unique system to purchase. so it will bring headache when you deal with toyata Remote. and it is expensive.

1. old toyata model use the toyata-04/toyata-03 keyshell
2. open the keyshell you can see the remote control. on back it marked the partnumber. 48110,50171,60081 etc.
3. now we cracked the 315MHz for 48110 ,it is hot sale in china and Middel east.
4. we will cracked the 433MHz for is hot sale in Russia. Eqypt
5.we are happy to hear the response from our customer. write to
6. tell me what are popular in your country. then we will speical produce the remote for you.

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